I’m a grad student (5th year, ABD) at the University of California, Davis studying evolutionary (paleo)anthropology, statistical phylogenetics, data science, and computational biology. You can see an outdated version of my CV here and a somewhat disjointed and desultory personal introspection here (though do note the disclaimer). In my free time I like to read, play video and board games, do all sortsa outdoorsy stuff, cook, travel, code, take and edit photos and videos, exercise, talk, play around with clothes and fashion, host and attend potlucks, try new hobbies, and write things that almost nobody will ever see on the internet. To better satisfy that last preference, I have started a blog! Usually whatever I write online is anonymous or pseudonymous and lost forever when the site goes down or I delete my account; collecting everything in one place, meanwhile, preserves what I’ve written for future reflection and amusement. So welcome to my blog and happy reading!

Figure 1. Me hiking on the Appalachian Trail in ’10. I only made it ~800 miles (from Amicalola through most of VA), but it marked the first of many similar adventures to come!


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