Writing Prompts Story 1

So once a month or so I like to look at reddit’s WritingPrompts subforum, reading whatever top entries have accumulated since my last visit. I decided to try my hand at one this time around, but since I submitted it so late, I doubt anyone will ever read it. So I’m reproducing it here, for posterity! Enjoy!

[WP] At age 15 you told the gf you were “in love” with that you’d always be there when she was in need. Aphrodite heard you and made it a reality, whenever your gf was in need you appear at her side. Problem is, you and the girl broke up after 3 weeks but you still appear even now… 10 years later.

Adam sat in the center of a large warehouse. Towering over him were plastic crates, metal cylinders, and sundry other boxes, cases, and containers, all tightly secured. Glancing down at his watch, he noted the time – just before 9 – and began to stow away a half-eaten apple, guzzling the last of his coffee. Various supervisors over the years never failed to impress upon him of the importance of punctuality. Such busybodies, the lot of them, but they had a point, and at least the pay was excellent.

Breaking away from thoughts of his compensation, Adam’s brow furrowed as he looked around, picturing the contents of all the packages surrounding him. Given the nature of his job, it was never clear how long it would be before he returned home, but he’d often prided himself on always finishing whatever work was needed of him.

Suddenly, a pop! as air rushed in to fill the vacuum hole left in the warehouse. Before he could so much as blink, Adam found himself in an entirely different room. Standing beside him was his once high-school girlfriend, her frown rapidly curving into a toothy smile. “Adam!” she said, “I was wondering when you’d show!” “So impatient,” he replied, reaching out to steady himself. Spying a large window (or was it a screen? He could never easily tell these days) in one of the room’s corners, he saw a smooth, snowy landscape stretched out before him, punctuated by the occasional icy spire. A very faint breeze could be observed scattering flakes bit by bit.

“Hey, Lynne, how’s it going? Where are we now?” he asked, looking back and returning a smile. She’d been traveling recently and, apparently, without event, for it had been weeks since he’d last been summoned; otherwise, several years of following his ex- as she went god-knows-where had sapped him of any pressing desire to keep close track of her exact whereabouts and occupation. “I’m good, crew’s good. SO unhelpful, as you might expect. Currently we’re just outside Cilix, near the penitent fields.” At least the snow and ice represented a change of scenery from that hot, roiling hellscape of last year, and those red, barren deserts the year before that. He was certainly glad to be out of that hyperindustrious town of Musk, hopefully for good. They were all just a bit too tireless there…

A wave brought him out of his memories – summonings frequently brought them on. Right, Lynne needed help, that’s why he was here. “What is it this time?” he asked. “Plumbing!” she answered, walking along cases and reading the label on each. “Aha!” she said, finding one that contained large, interlocking plastic plates and tubing. “Gotta get the septic tank set up and interfaced with the garden. Bit boring, I know. But no less important for it” she said, “I should be able to handle the rest!” “That’s what you always say,” Adam responded, smirking, and they got to work.

A dozen hours later, he began to feel a familiar tug stirring inside him indicating that his present task was complete, Lynne’s needs satisfied. Sighing deeply, he stood up from his computer, removing his headset and shaking out his hands. Though it took a bit longer than anticipated, working together they’d indeed managed to get the sewage systems fully up and functional. And even with delays, he should still be back shortly after 10, with just enough time to grab a bite before crashing. It had been a long, long day and Lynne, though determined, also looked ready for sleep.

“I think I’m almost done here,” he announced, Lynne looking up. “Aww, just as we were having so much fun,” she replied wearily. “Well, thanks for all the help! It’s been a pleasure, as usual. Reckon I’ll be seeing you in three or four days? I’m going to need to dig a very deep hole.” “Ha, sounds good, guess I’ll see you th-” he said, vanishing.


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