Poetry Take One

In the past few months of physical separation from Kate I’ve taken to writing silly poems in cards and mailing them to her as tokens of my affection. The internet was out yesterday at the ARC and I couldn’t read random articles between sets, so I tried writing a different sort of poem. So BEHOLD! My first attempt at poetry since middle school that’s not part of a birthday card or something lovey-dovey. Shield your eyes lest my mad rhyming skills prove too sharp for your fleshy, tender sensibilities.


Climbing cliffs is easy, not doing so is hard

Harder still is closing up, always on your guard
Man is meant to struggle, to fight and overcome
Failing to do so might one day leave you numb

By man I mean humanity, but maybe that’s too small?
The flourishing of sentient life, all dancing in rainfall
To music that now few might hear, what strange sensations wait
In far off lands of time and space, the year three thousand eight

That’s optimistic though I say – we might before then die
What causes this calamity may bid us all to cry
When we see how it might have been prevented here and there
Through action and a bit of luck and less and less warfare

Yet luckily most other ills are far less permanent
They end in pain but typically the earth’s not terminant
Where upon losing all you have to show for it are aches
So go and fail, fail well and learn from your mistakes

You’re not alone to fight those foes though foes you need to show
You’re not an island nor a rock nor solitary crow
Some might think less (some might think more) but who cares what they think
The ones who care will help you through and after you’ll all drink

Such life affirming platitudes can help in times of need
But on the whole they do little when from your ass you bleed
At times the cure is easy — why, dewormers cost but pence
Most everyone would have them if people were not so dense

But if your poison’s not too rough and you’re not super poor
And self-determination is not exotic grandeur
Then do not fall and not get up, do not crawl to your cave
Or if you do then crawl back out – be noble and be brave

Go lift things up and put them down or crack open that book
Run very fast swim very slow enroll in a new MOOC
Ramble on over to that dance and look like such a boob
And when they laugh laugh along too embrace your inner rube

In so doing you will improve and weaknesses will fade
What once gave you great trouble will no longer you abrade
Indeed I feel that life is easy once you truly try
You’ll meet new failures with joy and despair you’ll defy


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