Hiking Photos

EDIT: I’ve also started up an Instagram! You can see it here.

New photos will likely go there!

So I’ve done a fair bit of hiking over recent years. The other day I was feeling nostalgic looking through old facebook albums and downloaded a few of my favorite shots, which I then tossed them into an album on Imgur. Here they are! Since I did download most of them from facebook, a lot of them have been compressed and resized — if there are any you like in particular, do mention and I’ll try to track down the originals in full resolution (also, click on the photo below to view them in Imgur, where they are much larger).

I quite like photography, and though I don’t often have a camera with me (due to forgetfulness, clumsiness, etc. e.g. a few weeks into a backpacking trip through New Zealand, I dropped my camera to its very tragic death :[), when I do I think I manage to snap some decent pics! The really good ones in the above album, however, are from our wedding photo album.


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