Wedding Suit Details

As many of you know, I got married recently! A decent amount of effort went into selecting my attire for the day. Here are some details for those curious.

For reference, I’m around 6’1″ and 195 lbs.

Items and Costs

I waited for sales on the bigger items and bought them well in advance of the ceremony. In the end, everything cost around $600, including alterations. My outfit consisted of the following items:

Shoes: AE Walnut Strands – $100. I got them at Last Chance in Phoenix, AZ. There they had maybe half a dozen pairs at the time in various sizes, as well as tons of other AE shoes. As I understand, they sell returns, exchanges and poor selling/overstocked items from Nordstrom. I’ve also gotten beeswax CDBs there ($30) and Chuck Taylors ($15). The shoes themselves were well constructed and pretty, though I used a bit of brown shoe polish to darken them slightly (originally they were a tad too orange for my tastes).


Pocket Square: Golden Bronze Royal Silk – $20. There were gold bits in the paisley pattern on the tie that I thought this pocket square went well with. I’m also pretty fond of the blue/gold/brown/bronze color combination. The PS was larger and a bit thicker and stiffer than the other ones I own, but that didn’t pose any problems in the end.

3-Piece Suit (bought as separates): Bar III Midnight Blue – $250. I waited for one of Macy’s twice a year sales, found a coupon code that stacked with the sale, and bought a couple different sizes of the various suit components, returning the ones that didn’t quite fit. The fabric and everything seemed nice! And I rather liked the color. The suit should serve me well for many years to come!


Boutonnière: This gold thing from Amazon – $10. I wanted something small and pretty that went with the other parts of the outfit and ultimately chose this. It got a bit bent up throughout the day but not to such an extent that I couldn’t immediately fix it.

Tie: Bigass Paisley Tie from – $20. Odd name, and they don’t seem to carry it any more. The product ID was 23037, if any of you which to ask after it. The quality and construction of the tie seemed solid, especially at this price point!

Shirt: Costco Slim Fit Light Blue – $20. I liked the fabric and color of this shirt, but before tailoring it was pretty billowy, even with a “slim” fit. The fabric’s also not very soft, and after 9 hours of wearing it I developed a bit of chafing on my neck from the collar.

Undies: ExOfficio Boxer Briefs and Airism V-neck – $15. Picked them up on various sales over the years. Super comfy! Great for backpacking, too!

Socks: Target Anchor Socks – $4. I got my grandpa the same pair (for once upon a time he was a sailor). They’re not the best built socks, but I liked the pattern and color.

Belt: Bought at a thrift store a long time ago… – $10

Watch: Timex Expedition – $25. I got some flak for going with this over a more formal watch, and it was a close call the day of (I brought a few watches with me) but ultimately I ended up feeling this one the most. It’s become my go-to wear-with-flannel-and-jeans watch with its “rugged”, “outdoorsy” construction.


Ring: Cost for the silver – $5. Kate ordered some wire from, cut it, bent it into a circle, soldered the two ends together, and then shaped and polished it. Pretty straightforward overall!


Alterations on shirt, pants, jacket, and vest – $130. The tailor made some changes to the shoulders and back of the jacket to accommodate some injury-related asymmetry, took the jacket, shirt, and vest in at the waist and through the torso, shortened the jacket sleeves a smidge, and took the butt/thighs out on the pants (I had to go 2″ up in the waist so the waist was a little loose, but fine with a belt, so I didn’t take it in. The legs/crotch/butt were still a bit tight, though, so I had him take those out). According to him, the jacket was a bit small for me (he recommended sizing up to a 46R from a 44R) and that caused the dimpling on the shoulder, but I don’t think it was too egregious.

Of course, despite all my efforts, at the end of the day I was still completely showed up by Pipeeska.


Photocredit: Bon Miller




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