Wedding Photos Praise

Our wedding last December was photographed by the wonderful Bon Miller. We’re really happy with the results and our decision to not skimp on photography. In posting the photos to various social media, they garnered a fair amount of praise, which I’ve compiled and reproduced below. Thanks for the compliments, everyone! It feels nice to be flattered!

“I saw your photos! They were amazing. Whatever you paid your photographer, it was far too little.”
“You picked an amazing photographer! I cannot get over the quality of her work that I see on Facebook.”
“Unbelievable! Un-freaking-believable! This is unreal!”
“Kate Vetr Gates – love it!”
“I love the picture of you without the jacket. You guys look like a true king and queen straight from Frozen.”
“You all look very sweet in the wedding photos”
“Wonderful!!! Looks like you guys had a great time.”
“Grandma looks so beautiful – and the bride! I’m at a loss for words!”
“Grandma is extremely photogenic and cute!”
“I really liked the photos!”
“…so many good photos, congrats to all, again!!”
“…the pictures are all great!”
“You guys are so adorable!”
“It also helps to be an incredibly handsome man.”
“Congrats! all the pictures looked awesome”
“OMG! You could be in a magazine! What an awesome shot, Kate! And congratulations!”
“This is one of my absolute favorites, no joke”
“What great photos!”
“these just made me ridiculously happy! So much love to you guys ”
“These are amazing. Everything and everyone seemed just perfect. Congratulations!”
“What a beautiful couple, very nice photos!”
“Congratulations!!! Beautiful couple, lucky parents.”
“Omg I cannot love you two any more! Too cute.”
“These are outstanding.”
“I have never seen a dog so certain it looks good”
“Wow! All simply gorgeous 💕
“You look absolutely great! Love the richness of the suit, shoes, tie and rings. You and your wife make a beautiful couple!”
“Beautiful and fun.”
“Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories.”
“Amazing. My best wishes!”
“Congratulations. Everyone looks so happy – just shines through!”
“Great photo”
“This truly is happiness!!”
“Your dog is looking dapper as fuck too ✔💯👌
“Man, you look killer.”
“Stunning! Congratulations!”
“that dog is on point”
“Kate Gates, beautiful, magazine worthy”
“Holly shit man, dapper as hell! Grats on the wedding.”
“This looks like a scene from a ballet! Congratulations, Kate. All your photos are beautiful.”
“So beautiful!!!”
“Kind of rude for that dog to show you up at your own wedding to be honest”
“Yay! Congrats! Beautiful”
“This was one of my favorites!”
“Fuck man, You look so amazing. As well as Your bride and all those photos. Congratulations!”
“Beautiful Kate!”
“I am still speechless. Amazing album. Wow”
“So dapper! Love this photo!!! You two are prefect!!! Xxx”
“You guys look beautiful together”
“Dude you looked great, congrats.”
“This guy over here lookin dapper as fuck.”
“everything looks really good. I kind of love how your wife is wearing the boots with the dress. Your shoes look pretty dope too.”
“Beautiful – you both look like the picture was taken out of a magazine!”
“Congratulations. What a beautiful couple”
“That tie though *gentle gasp*”
“Fantastic. Congratulations!”
“Absolutely love the first with the frozen water in the background. Unique! ❄💕
“Need more pictures!”
“Damn, that picture of you grabbing her hand and walking on to the ice is handsome. Congrats, mate!”
“Oh my gosh, beautiful! Congratulations you two! I am so happy for you!!!”
“Beautiful! Congratulations you two!”
“Looking sharp, love the shoes.”
“Wow man you look good! Well done sir.”
“Congratulations! Lovely picture”
“You made that suit look great, I must say.”
“You’re fabulous guys!!!!!”
“That photo of you and the bride together in the hedgerow. Damn, that’s some high quality photography!”
“You guys look wonderful! Congratulations to you both!”
“You look like Leo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby.”
“Congratulations Nic & Kate! You look perfect!”
“Gorrrrgeous! Everything!”
“A beautiful couple!”
“Looks Great!”
“You both look great! Congrats!”
“Congratulations, you guys looked great!”
“I love this shot! haha there’s a heart in the tree trunk!”
“You look like a Disney Prince bro”
“adorable. congrats Kate & Nick!!!”
“Looking good. Love the shots with the hiking shoes.”
“Wow, great job. You look great. Also, great job on getting married. Also, your dog is amazing.”
“Absolutely fabulous picture”
“Dude you killed it! The wife’s gorgeous and I wish you the best.. But the suit! It looks great. I love the color!”
“You look amazing Kelly… Soooo happy… have a GREAT New Year… xoxo”
“Congrats! You both look lovely.”
“Your pictures are gorgeous, you are gorgeous, your words are gorgeous… So so so happy for you, thanks for sharing such a beautiful story. <3”
“I’m really digging the photos… these shots are just beautiful.”
“This is super adorable and awesome. Congratulations!”
“Awww, you guys look perfect together!! Congratulations!! :)”
“This is so beautiful. Congratulations!”
“Looking sharp. That midnight blue is so good.”
“You guys are lovely together :)”
“Wow. You look really sharp and your wife is beautiful. :)”
“JESUS STOP IT I’M CRYING OVER HERE. Congratulations omg. Also that last photo is right out of a storybook. Actually a lot of them are <3. YOU GUYS LOOK BEAUTIFUL”
“Congrats! Looks like a beautiful day. Welcome to married life!”
“Y’all some beautiful people. Congrats. Now go make babies.”
“Your pictures are beautiful and your vows are beautiful and just, great job and congratulations and I’m getting a little verklempt for you.”
“Goddamnit this is too adorable.”
“Congrats! – I’m curious as to what part of the world these are pictures are taken? I really like the scenery.”
“You look dapper as hell, man.”
“I love how old school cool you look.”
“My god you are dapper. Congratulations on the wedding! Be kind, be friends, and have fun!”
“Congrats! You both look great.”
“fucking awesome pics bro! congrats!”
“What a gorgeous couple!”
“You look great. Hair is on point. Really like the shot in the snow as well”
“The wife is absolutely beautiful”
“You two are so cute together, super congratulations!! May you be forever happy! On a side note I love the shawl with the wedding dress, super classy and adds that fairy tale feeling!”
“this is so fuckin good.”
“Looks like a beautiful story.”
“This is such a beautiful photo. :)”
“You look amazing man. Congrats!”
“Wow, congrats. You both look great. She especially looks very elfin, and the photos are beautiful. Well done.”
“You look very happy together. Congratulations!”
“You guys belong in a Wes Anderson movie. Congratulations!”
“Damn! Congratulations! You both are quite good looking folks. Here’s to a happy 2016 =]”
“Amazing! Congratulations!”
“The photographer did an excellent job… Dashing couple.”
“Congrats! You will have beautiful children.”
“Utterly amazing. It always makes me so happy when two people perfect for each other, find each other.”
“There is something very heartwarming and adorable about this picture.”
“You both look great together.”
“The photograph quality is phenomenal. Signed, A super critical photographer”
“Lovely photo. Congratulations :)”
“This is so beautiful. Congratulations!”
“These photos are STUNNING! Congrats!”
“You look so beautiful!”
“This is such a beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing all the details, you look like you guys had such a wonderful day. Photos look like they’ve come out of a damn romance movie.”
“Wow you are both gorgeous! I love the groom’s outfit so much. And your photos are beautiful! And everything looks so lovely! Thank you for sharing.”
“Wow, you all make a beautiful couple!”
“you both look lovely. Many years of happiness and love to you both!”
“Years from now, when your children show this photo to their respective beloveds, they’ll comment on how classically beautiful their mother is and how devilishly handsome their father is.”
“Congrats on looking great and of course on the wife!”
“this is adorable you guys are lovely”

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